TasteArt NYC is a high-concept catering and consulting company based in Manhattan. We produce expertly executed events for our corporate and private clients, offering a culinary experience trademarked by our signature, artisanal cocktails.

The mission of TasteArt NYC is to create and develop events that translate your unique brand—or event concept—into an equally unique sensory experience. We bring an edgy, trendsetting approach to gastronomy, mixology, and event planning—one that will provide your clients and guests with an unforgettable experience that creatively reflects who you are as a business, a brand, or an individual.

TasteArt NYC works with a wide range of clients in the creative arts, including fashion labels, art galleries and museums, conducting events for all types of business occasions from art shows, new product launches, and store openings, to video shoots and more. We also work with a long list of traditional companies as well as private individuals who are looking for a sophisticated, brand-affirming, and memorable catering experience. TasteArt NYC is known for food and drink design, sophisticated menus, and outstanding service.

For a full list of services, event inquiries, booking information and more please contact our team here.